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AcryliCo is an award winning manufacturer of boat windshields, hatches, instrument covers and live bait wells for the OEM. From the simplest to the most complex, our technical resources can afford you complete flexibility and help you develop very specific requirements for your next boat model.

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At AcryliCo, through our advanced technical innovation and stringent production methods, we are able to produce even the most complex shapes in windshield design.

An exploding area of the market are new more complex designs which depart from traditional windshields – such as those found in center console designs – incorporating fully contoured windshields which are aerodynamically designed to keep the wind off the operator while keeping clear of the angler.

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Recent trends in boat design have evolved towards creating hull-side windows as well as flybridge decks for larger power boats. The challenge remains not only to create ever larger windows, but also designs which are integral to the vessel's lines, simultaneously accentuating the beauty and style of the yacht as well as yielding more efficient aerodynamics.

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Hatches and Storage

Nothing spells quality more in boat than polished acrylic hatches. More importantly, we ensure all our hatches are watertight and built to withstand the rigors of salinity, heavy seas and wash-downs.

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With proper due care and attention, your AcryliCo windshields and windows should afford you many years of trouble-free service, keeping your boat transparencies looking and performing like new. Through a basic understanding of acrylic and its properties, and by using the right aftercare techniques and cleaning solutions, your AcryliCo products should afford you trouble-free service.

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AcryliCo has developed new acrylic and polycarbonate forming techniques which guarantee superior optical qualities in our windshields. In addition, AcryliCo was the first company to hardcoat polymers for which we received the IBEX Innovation award.

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With an ever-growing public concern for the environment and improved standards within the industry, the watchword of late is “Lightening”. At AcryliCo we have come to understand this principle and strongly support the ideal of excellent stewardship of the environment, by investing heavily in R&D.


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